8th Wonder “Dome Faux’m”

8th Wonder “Dome Faux’m”

While shopping at my local HEB I passed this beauty and couldn’t pass it up! A local creamy ale in honor of our very own Astrodome! The description had my mouth watering and warranted a break from the Saint Arnold six pack.

IMG_0252This was my first 8th Wonder brew ever…and now I cannot wait to try the rest!

The description did not disappoint. I found this to be very light, troche crisp and refreshing just as the can states. Not overly hoppy, but still full-flavored with a light creamy finish.

I know creamy may sound odd, but it’s one you have to try yourself to understand. The “creamy” was more of a sensation in your mouth than a flavor. There was not one thing I would change about this ale!

I could see myself drinking this one again for sure! I can’t think of anything it would not pair well with! My mouth is watering again just writing about it!


As I mentioned previously I’m also curious about the printing technologies in these micro breweries, but could not find any marks on these cans like what was on the Saint Arnold bottles, just a tiny white label on the top of the plastic carrier.

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    • Ben Lukish
    • September 2, 2016

    By far my favorite 8th Wonder beer! The brewery is pretty cool too, especially for Stros games…

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