Buffalo Bayou “Sam’s Daily”

Buffalo Bayou “Sam’s Daily”

ABV: 5.8

Let me start with…sorry for my brief absence. I did not forget about you guys! I just had some personal things to take care of that took me away for bit. However – I’m back and we are going to pick up right where we left off…down the aisle of my local HEB!

On this little trip I found Buffalo Bayou’s – Sam’s Daily Cream Ale. Mmmmm.

Plus with a name like Sam’s Daily, order you are lead to believe this is someone’s day-to-day day go to brew. Nobody has a daily that doesn’t taste good! Sam, website you sir have great taste!


Sam’s Daily is a tart, light and crisp with just the right amount of carbonation.Perfect for a Texas afternoon! It has a deep wheaty, citrus flavor. I found it to be almost more like a witbier than a cream ale. It was so smooth that before I knew it my glass was empty! There were no bitter, hoppy notes. Just the wheaty, creamy flavor from the malts.

I can definitely see why Same drinks this Daily!



It smelled kind of like blue moon, but had more of that tart citrus flavor and maybe less wheaty. In fact, despite it being a wheaty beer, it was not filling at all. Just very refreshing. Perfect for those warm Texas afternoons in the middle of fall!

So, after finding this brew had a taste like a witbier, I had to experiment a little. As you may or may not know, other witbeirs typically pair with a citrus of some kind to bring out the flavor. I had to see if Sam’s Daily was a stand alone or could be enhanced even further with the addition of some citrus!

I was pretty indecisive if I wanted to go the orange route (as per usual) or go with a lemon to compliment that crisp tartness. So naturally…I did both!

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I found that both fruits complimented this beer in their own ways. The lemon brought out more of the tartness and the orange brought out more of the sweet notes. I couldn’t tell you which way I preferred it, that is something you will have to decide for yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed it all three ways I tried it (by itself, with an orange and with a lemon). Each way had it’s own flavor profile and I loved the enhancement brought out by adding slices of citrus. So are you in a tart mood or a sweet one?



    • Momma Sonja
    • October 25, 2016

    I don’t try a lot of beers ..but this sounds pretty good.

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