Karbach “Hopadillo”

Karbach “Hopadillo”

ABV: 6.6

Second up from the Karbach variety pack…. Hopadillo IPA! 

The name is definitely appropriate “Hop – adillo”. 

This one poured a nice dark golden color, look not quite amber, pilule with a noticeably high level of carbonation. It smelled tart (like citrus) and wheaty.

How did it taste, you ask? Well I believe the aroma did it justice! It was very hoppy, and the taste of grapefruit rind was instantly present. I would say medium-bodied and bold! The high level of bitterness is to be expected of an IPA, but the citrus “relief” I found to be very refreshing. I gave a depth of profile that took me a few sips to dial in to. At first, I though pickles LOL, I’m not sure why, that is just what popped in my head. After a few drinks though, I could dial in to more of a grapefruit zest flavor.

It’s definitely better poured into a glass. It has a dry mouth-feel, the creaminess you get from malts was not as present. So this one is definitely all about the hops!

On a side note – I was eating a jalapeno popper after writing my notes on this beer and got a spicy one (must have missed a seed in there! ) However, having this beer right there next to me turned out to be an amazing cure for the fire I found in my mouth! It’s crisp, refreshing bitterness killed the spice! Just a fun FYI, if you plan to be eating spicy food, I think this is definitely a good accompaniment! 

GO TEXAN!! Love the hometown support Karbach!!

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