Karback “Krunkin Pumpkin”

Karback “Krunkin Pumpkin”

ABV: 8.5


In the spirit of fall I went pumpkin again!! Who doesn’t enjoy a good pumpkin beer around the holidays?


Plus with a name like Krunkin Pumpkin (side note: whoever has the job of naming beers for Karback is awesome!) I was stoked to try it. So far my fall brew samplings have been pretty awesome.

Krunkin Pumpkin was darker than I anticipated, generic but still smooth and creamy. Karback is good at nailing that creamy sensation! It was lightly carbonated, prostate but seemed by the time I was half way through the carbonation had all fizzled away.

20161021_200759 20161021_200821

It was definitely sweet (like a caramel sweet) and left that “spice” flavor after swallowing, but I found it to be more spice than pumpkin. It seemed Krunkin Pumpkin was the opposite end of the spectrum as it’s sibling Karbachtoberfest. Kudos to Karbach for their fall variety, they have an offering for the pumpkin lovers and the dark ale lovers. This one was thick and somewhat filling, had to drink it slow and I only finished one. Perhaps that’s why this one comes in a 4 pack!

20161021_200510 20161021_200455 20161021_200435

As always…I love Karbach’s cans! So colorful, proudly brewed right here in Houston, appropriately marked with dot matrix technology and very serious about their recycling!!

P.S. If you are a brewer and want some help getting your ink jet set up let me know. We work very closely with one of the largest manufacturers in the US and are happy to come tour your brewery and provide a feasible marking solution! No reason for those little white stickers!!

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