Karbach “Sympathy for the Lager”

Karbach “Sympathy for the Lager”

ABV: 4.9

I found the Karbach variety pack this weekend!! 

I was so excited I found it, stomach I couldn’t wait to get it home and in the fridge. Then I instantly started trying to answer the real question…which do I try first!? 

I went with Sympathy for the Lager, treatment I liked the description on the can describing how they were going back to the roots with this Lager, no frill or fluff.

It poured a dark golden color with a decent amount of head that dissipated fairly quickly, but left a small layer behind. It had a moderate level of carbonation, enough to see all the bubbles instantly. I smelled like hops, but aside from that, no distinguishable aroma.


Now… I bet your wondering how it tasted, right?

It was really good! It’s heavier than the appearance would have you believe, but very crisp, refreshing and “hop-forward”. It was very bitter, but not unpleasantly so. I found it to be a refreshing bitter; I would almost say it was like citrus-rind bitter. The level of carbonation was perfectly matched to the flavor.

A great American Lager, and the folks at Karbach weren’t kidding. There were no frills, hidden flavors, or froo-froo, just a straight-up old school lager. Tastes like crisp, refreshing hops! All in all, a good start to my variety pack!

Thanks Karbach!

This particular can was crafted on January 18 of this year…as appropriately marked on their can! Another great job to Karbach!!

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