No Label “El Hefe Weizen”

No Label “El Hefe Weizen”

ABV: 5.6

My first hefeweizen review! Just some starter knowledge to get us going: A hefeweizen is a German style wheat beer made with yeast. It is supposed to appear cloudy and unfiltered, website like this similar to a witbeir. It’s typically brewed with with spices and some sort of fruit. On another note El Hefe in spanish translates to “The Boss” so I liked the name along with having a woman on the can standing like …. a boss! On their website they even say this one is named for the Boss of the House!

This one poured a golden yellow-orange color and smelled of citrus, thumb sweetness and spice. Mmmmm. It had a medium level of carbonation, more about which I tend to prefer my lighter beers with carbonation, so this was nice.

As for the taste I feel like the level of carbonation helped balance out the flavor, which was reminiscent of orange peel and corriander. The slight sweetness and that citrusy-spice combo followed by a nice hoppy, slightly bitter finish all made for a pleasant brew. It was crisp, and another one I think would make for a great summer refresher! I didn’t find it to be very cloudy like a hefeweizen should, maybe more like a pilsner, but still good. It was light-bodied, and even though it had complex flavors they were mild. I could taste cloves and citrus, but the banana flavor that it advertises was not readily apparent.

Have you tried it? Please share your thoughts!

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