Saint Arnold “Icon Blue – Chocolate Weizenbock”

Saint Arnold “Icon Blue – Chocolate Weizenbock”

ABV: 7.4

The next Iconic Saint Arnold brew I tried at Dan’s was the Icon Blue Chocolate Weizenbock!

First off – what’s a weizenbock? I weizenbock is a more powerful/stronger version of a denkelweizen.

Don’t worry! I won’t leave you hanging with that lol! A denkelweizen is a dark german wheat beer (the dark version of a hefeweizen – which if you remember, viagra buy is normally brewed with banana and clove). Typically malt heavy, visit this site brewed with spices and fruit flavors. This brew definitely held true to that profile!

Luckily this one was towards the end of the night. I’m not sure I could have eaten much after drinking it! It was definitely full bodied and rich. Very dark and sweet.

The chocolate nibs it was brewed with were the prominent flavor, maybe a little bit of a clove flavor, but the chocolate was the star of this show! I didn’t get a lot of the banana, not to say it wasn’t present, just mild in comparison. It poured with a creamy thick head and had an aroma very reminiscent of the flavor – like roasted malt and dark chocolate.

There was mild carbonation – as a personal preference, I think I would have liked a little bit more. Would have given it a more crisp finish. That being said, it was a good “dessert” beer. One you drink after your finished eating. It’s that meal finisher that satisfies your dessert craving, as you sit at the table slowly drinking it and winding down your evening.

As I mentioned in the previous post, that is what we did, one of us ordered this and another ordered the Sweet Potato Pecan Scotch Ale. If you want a comparison of how much darker this one is, we snapped a photo.

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