Saint Arnold “Octoberfest”

Saint Arnold “Octoberfest”

ABV: 6.00

The season is upon us…the season all beer lovers look forward to…OCTOBERFEST! Yes, symptoms I did just declare a new season LOL.

It’s that time of year when all the fall brews start hitting the shelves; among them being an Octoberfest brew for almost every brewery. Which does not hurt my feelings at all.  These beers act as my catalyst into the other, online darker, fall flavored brews.

I already had Karbach’s Karbachtoberfest, which turned out to be a great kick off point, so I have high hopes for the ones to follow!

20160924_183757 20160924_183824

I found Saint Arnold’s version of Octoberfest very smooth. It was darker than Karbach’s both in color and in taste but still maintained a light sweetness and wasn’t too filling. In comparison I don’t think Saint Arnold’s is as sweet as Karbach’s, so depending on how you like your Octoberfest – more sweet or more ale flavored – that should help determine which you pick when walking down the beer aisle of your local grocery store.

On the front of the bottle they say full-bodied and malty. I agree that it was malty, but it wasn’t as full-bodied as some of the other beers I’ve reviewed on this blog. It had a bright pleasant ale flavor with no bitter taste. I loved the beautiful amber color and slight carbonation…I mean just look at that glass! Mouth watering yet? Feeling parched??

20160924_183930 20160924_184035


And of course…in a beautifully marked bottle! Well done Saint Arnold!

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