Southern Star “Octoberfest”

Southern Star “Octoberfest”

Guess what I found….another sampler pack! I love sampler packs! This one is compliments of Southern Star Brewing right out of Conroe, page Texas!


Even better, this sampler contained 3 year round beers and a surprise seasonal! It is that time of year…so, I had to try the seasonal first!

Southern Star’s Octoberfest is probably one of my new favorites (atleast in my top three for Octoberfest’s I’ve tried this year). It had an amber/copper color and mild carbonation. There wasn’t much head and it disappeared quickly.

20161122_191545 20161122_191537

It was slightly sweet and malty, a creamy finish, no bitterness at all. Some Octoberfest beers are overpowering and heavy, but despite it being a darker beer, it had a light flavor and wasn’t too filling. I would put it’s flavor somewhere between Karbachtoberfest and St. Arnold’s Octoberfest. Not quite as sweet as Karbachtoberfest but not quite as dark as St. Arnold (probably closer to Karbach on a sliding scale ). I liked the mild flavor with the slight carbonation, it kept it crisp and refreshing so you can drink more than one .

20161122_191130 20161122_191120 20161122_191116

They kept the can pretty simple, except for boasting they were the first to can craft in Texas, which I found pretty interesting! You can read about it here. And they do print their craft dates on the bottom of their can with dot matrix technology! These printers can do some cool stuff. One of these days I will get into a brewery and get a video for you guys!!

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