Southern Star “Pine Belt Pale Ale”

Southern Star “Pine Belt Pale Ale”

ABV: 6.3

Third in line for the Southern Star Sampler Pack is Pine Belt Pale Ale.


Come to find out, there this was Southern Star’s first brew ever! In the glass it was a hazy amber/copper color with lots of thick head. I say hazy because there was noticeable “debris” floating through the glass…so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say unfiltered? It’s hard to see in a picture but I tried to get it in the shot for you (with and without flash).

20161122_204414 20161122_204429

I found this one to be pretty bitter…not in a bad way. Just a definite crisp, hop flavor. I didn’t taste much, if any carbonation. There was a light sweetness, but mostly a sharp earthy taste. This is one I would lean to more on a warm afternoon, where that sharp, crisp bitter bite would be refreshing. It was a little heavy, but no overly so. All in all, I would drink it again.

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    If your areiclts are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

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