Southern Star “Winter Warmer”

Southern Star “Winter Warmer”

ABV: 6.9

So with Texas weather being what it is these days, ailment this seemed like a fitting beer for this time of year. Southern Star’s Winter Warmer.

The can itself was not highly decorated, view but the taste more than made up for it! Winter Warmer is a darker ale, more about like maple syrup in color. It smelled sweet with those familiar holiday spice smells – nutmeg and cinnamon, maybe some allspice, kind of like cinnamon raisin bread!  It had a good amount of carbonation that always adds a certain level of refreshment for me. The head was thin and dissipated pretty quickly.

Now for the real bread and butter…did the taste hold up?

ABSOLUTELY! Good job Southern Star!

This is definitely a brew meant for the winter months! You can feel the warmth from the alcohol as you swallow. It’s not overpowering to the taste, but a pleasant warming sensation for sure! It had a nice sweet malty flavor. Almost like a nutty/earthy chocolate start and a slight hoppy finish. The slight bitterness at the end helped balance the sweetness. It was creamy and smooth, slightly thick, but not overly filling. Overall, very satisfying and complex flavor! I kept taking sips and making my notes, before I knew it the page was full and the beer was gone!

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