Saint Arnold “Fancy Lawnmower”

Saint Arnold “Fancy Lawnmower”

ABV: 4.9

Next up from my man Dan is Saint Arnold’s Fancy Lawnmower. This one just looked tantalizing. It poured a nice clear golden color with a good amount of creamy head that didn’t disappear to quickly.

It smelled like citrus and hops!

The flavor was on par with the aroma. It was clean, dosage crisp and refreshing!

There was medium carbonation and a great citrusy kick. Like a lemon/lime type flavor. The hops were light, ailment so not too bitter. Light bodied, pharmacy not too filling. Would definitely love one of these while I’m mowing the lawn!

It wasn’t too dry, perfect level of sweet malt, lemon and mild hop finish! I’d rate this one a 5 outta 5 for being a perfectly balanced kolsch!

Will definitely be picking up a six-pack in the future. I could see drinking this on a hot Texas afternoon for refreshment, it also went great with the wings I had at the time!

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