Spindletap “Honey Hole ESB”

Spindletap “Honey Hole ESB”

ABV: 7.0

20160928_193317So, pilule I enjoyed my last Spindletap brew so much that when I passed the beer aisle at HEB and saw this bright little number sitting on the end cap, I couldn’t resist! Honey Hole…I don’t know why I found that so appealing, maybe my sweet tooth was in high gear.


I don’t know if it was the name or the color of the can but I must admit, I expected a lighter beer – both in color and taste.

I must also admin, I did not know what an ESB stood for. Hey, I’m learning new thing so on this “tour” too!

I do now!! Extra special bitter, it’s an English-style pale ale. Which definitely helps explain the bitterness.

Honey Hole was an amber color with a nice sweet smell. It was definitely carbonated – you could see those bubbles right away! However, on taste, it didn’t have as much carbonation as I thought it would.


Now for the flavor…I found it to be smooth and sweet up front, bitter at the end. Not like a fruit sweet , just a floral sweetness. Like a sweetener, not cane sugar…does that make sense? This sweetness is quickly followed by the bitterness from the hops in this extra special bitter pale ale. I would say medium-bodied. Not the heaviest I’ve had but not a light beer by any means. I found the taste of this beer lingered with me, especially the bitter notes on the back of my tongue.

20160928_193412 20160928_193408

I loved how Spindletap marked their cans. Not just a plain old date for these guys! All aspects of this can seemed to represent the oilfield. Which is an industry I serve, so I suppose that may have swayed my vote when picking out this sixer.

Also, I love that these guys are environmentally friendly and are demanding that you be too! LOL


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