Back Pew “Blue Testament”

Back Pew “Blue Testament”

ABV: 5.2

Another new brewery experience, ampoule thanks to Dan’s Pizza!

This one has a story! Dan recommended it and told me about it at the restaurant, visit this site so I had to check their website out and see for myself…Sure enough! Back Pew Brewing brews out of an old church in Porter, medical Texas! These are the “back-pew” guys! Their beers are all themed Saints and Sinners. Sinners being their darker beers and Saints being the light beers. Talk about intriguing!

This time around I decided to be a Saint! I went with Blue Testament, an American Pilsner.

Well, Dan hit the nail on the head again! This was delicious. This man can pick beer for me any time! It poured a golden color, with a good amount of head and had a bready, sour/tart aroma.

It was light and crisp, heavily carbonated, and had a nice rich flavor! There was a slight sweetness followed by a tartness that made for a great overall experience. Very mild hop bitterness and not too heavy! It had a familiar taste that I could not put my finger on, but found it to be very welcoming!

Back Pew advertises it as their lightest beer, but it was not lacking in flavor!

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