Brash “Cali Green”

Brash “Cali Green”

ABV: 7.0

Next on the list from my trip to Dan’s is Brash Cali Green IPA. This one is an American style IPA brewed here in Houston. This is my first Brash brew. I have not seen it in grocery stores around me. However…I hope to start finding it soon! It was delicious and refreshing!

It was not as bitter as most IPA’s I’ve come across, information pills but still “hop-forward”. I found the level of bitterness to be quite pleasant actually. In combination with the higher level of carbonation it went down sooo smooth. A little too smooth in fact. I almost considered getting a second one instead of trying something else!

There was a mild citrus flavor throughout this beer, website like this which in combination with the mild hops added to that crisp, cure refreshing flavor. The bitter hop flavor lingered in your mouth even after swallowing, but was not remotely unpleasant!

It was light and clean, so perfect for the pizza food I was about to devour! (I was hungry lol! )

After sampling this one, I cannot wait to see what else Brash Brewing has to offer us! Definitely one of my favorite IPA’s at this point.

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