Buffalo Bayou “Maple Chili Jam”

Buffalo Bayou “Maple Chili Jam”

ABV: 8.8

So, viagra I know in my last post I said I was going to review the Karbach sampler pack ….but they were sold out! Hopefully, erectile I can find it this weekend and put it next in the line-up. In the mean time, I found something completely and utterly unique to share with you!

Buffalo Bayou Brewing has something called the Secessionist Series, which is pretty much their line of off-the-wall, never would have thought about brewing, is this real? beer. LOL

There are some crazy combos in there, however, I’m wildly intrigued and want to try them all!

For this go around, I went with Maple Chili Jam. It has a high ABV (as do most of the secessionist series brews), and a big fancy bottle – which I always love in a good craft brew!

I liked the waxed bottle cap, however I cannot tell you the crafted on date as there were no inkjet markings on the bottle.

Upon popping it open and pouring you could instantly smell the smokey, sweet, spicy aroma blend it boasts about.

It poured a dark amber color and you could readily see all the bubbles from the carbonation. The head dissipated pretty quickly, probably due in part to the high ABV.

Now for the taste!!

It was a smokey-sweet up front (not a sugary artificial sweet – like a genuine fruit sweetness) followed by a savory-spicy finish. The spice lingers in your mouth as if you had just eaten chili’s! It’s a pleasant, sweet heat that any spice lover would appreciate! I feel like the sweet and spice together play well with each other, and provide a sort of relief from the opposing flavor.

It is darker and slightly heavy from the malts, so I do feel like it’s one of those “after-dinner” beers, or as Buffalo Bayou suggested – maybe enjoyed best with a succulent rack of ribs! I could see the crisp spice being a nice finish to some good old fashioned Texas BBQ! Or to warm you up in the winter months (although the way this year is going, maybe I should say winter days!)

All in all, this is definitely one of the most unique beers I’ve reviewed to date, and if you are a chili fan, I definitely recommend!

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