Karbach “Three Legged Lab”

Karbach “Three Legged Lab”

ABV: 9.3

While grocery shopping this Saturday I made my way down the beer aisle…as usual and this pretty blue can caught my eye!

Karbach, physician recently acquired by Anheiser-Busch, hospital is brewed right here in Houston and I’ve loved the brews of theirs I’ve tried. I think next on the list may be there sampler pack….so stay tuned for a full Karbach line-up!!

This one was an Imperial Stout – a  new one for me. Also, seeing as how Texas cannot make up it’s mind what season we are in, I figured if I’m going to try a dark beer I should jump on while it is chilly today, since tomorrow we may be back up to 80!

This is DARK! It pours dark and thick, even the head was a dark mocha froth color, thick and slow to dissipate. I could see the bubbles, but on taste, the carbonation was very light.

It has a sweet, robust smell, like strong brewed morning coffee with dark chocolate. The taste matched the aroma for sure! It was heavy and very sweet. Still smooth and creamy from all the malts, this one is definitely heavy on the malts…but still had a bitter hoppy finish.

Online it said brewed with licorice, I didn’t notice this flavor at first, but as I was sipping it started to come through, especially as a finishing flavor. I’m not big on licorice, but it wasn’t so overpowering as to make the beer unpleasant. Upon sipping the main flavor I picked out was adjacent to a roasted dark chocolate with hints of a “smokey vanilla” taste and aroma that added a layer of complexity to the sweetness. I know most stouts are coffee brews, so perhaps I should review a regular stout following this unique one as a comparison lol.

I would classify this as a dessert beer. An after meal drink, or maybe accompanied with a desert pretzel…I know a great place in Webster with local crafts and an amazing dessert pretzel, in case you were interested!

All in all, a good strong beer (you can feel and taste the ABV in this one), but with it being so thick this isn’t one I could sit and drink the whole 4 pack or eat a heavy meal with.

Compliments of dot matrix technology, I can see it was crafted on 12/28/16, but if you want to try it, you better hurry. This one is seasonal and won’t be on the shelves after February! Tell me what you think! 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (No Ratings Yet)



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