Dan’s Pizza!!!

Dan’s Pizza!!!

I know what you are thinking….This is a beer blog, online why am I posing about pizza??

Well, view last night my parents decided to take me to dinner and show me this AMAZING place out in Webster, Texas. Dan’s Pizza!

It was awesome!! Great food! Better yet…AWESOME BEER!! Dan has an incredible selection of both draught and canned/bottled craft beer! What’s even better than that? They are all local!! He supports all our local microbreweries by only offering a local selection!! Way to go Dan!! I love it! Just check out the beer menus below!!

So, anyway, back to last night…I was star-struck! Couldn’t decide what to try first! Well Dan is the man!! Every time I asked him what I should try next, he hit the nail on the head! I loved every single brew I tried. He has educated himself on all the local selections and doesn’t mind sharing with you! My experience here was so good, I cannot wait to go back! If you are local, I highly recommend this place! If Dan is there, be sure to say hi!

So this is post one, with eight more to follow (you didn’t think I was going to review all the beers I tried in one post, did you?) Before you say anything about drinking 8 beers in one sitting at a restaurant or call me an alcoholic lol….I did not drink  8 full beers last night lol! I had some as well as the company I was with. I just took it upon myself to sample everybody’s beer!! I also incorporated their thoughts into my notes. So stay tuned….first review to follow soon!

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