Saint Arnold “Icon Red Altbier”

Saint Arnold “Icon Red Altbier”

ABV: 5.0

So the first brew from Dan’s. Saint Arnold’s Icon Red Altbier! Saint Arnold has a line of beers called the Icon Series. These beers are limited release and only available for about three months at a time. Check it out here. They are guaranteed to be different from the year-round Saint Arnold line up. Their website says the original concept was to brew iconic styles, ailment but has grown, sildenafil and now some may creatively meld different styles.

Knowing this, I will definitely be on the look out for the Icon Series when I’m shopping so I can grab it when I see it!!

To start – I will explain an altbier. An altbier is old German style brown ale. It is conditioned for longer periods, so it makes for a smoother and crisper flavor.

Saint Arnold’s take on the altbier did not disappoint! It was incredibly smooth and full of flavor. It had a certain creaminess to it, but was crisp and refreshing at the same time! The level of sweetness was spot on! It was a real/natural mild sweetness, not an artificial sweetener kind of sweet. The smell kind of reminded us of honeycrisp apples!

Perfectly carbonated for that crisp, refreshing finish and not to heavy or filling (I had to save room for some of Dan’s delicious pizza!) The crisp bitter finish is a perfect end to the soft sweet beginning, making this an all around great ale! BTW Dan recommended this. I asked for his recommendation on a good amber ale, and this is what he brought me. It definitely hit the spot! So if you aren’t sure what to get – just get with Dan! It’s like he can read your mind!

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